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Restaurant POS (Point Of Sale)
Flashpoint™ POS Software offers powerful functionality with features that greatly enhance the ease of order entry. Once you have integrated Flashpoint™ into your establishment, you will immediately have access to amazing new controls that will allow you to increase your profits and greatly reduce employee errors.
Some of the powerful features include:
Fast and Effortless Setup and Installation
Increased Profitability
Over 20 Years of Enhancements Included
Easy Order Entry
Employee Training Completed in Minutes, Not Days
User Customizable POS Interface
Dynamic Order Prompting
Handles all Pricing Requirements no Matter How Complex
Flashpoint™ Standard Features Exceed Those Found in Other Packages
Take Out
Fast Food
Multi-Station Drive Thru
Table Service
Golf Courses
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Sales entry screen layout is easily changed depending on the type of business you operate. L-POS can be set up with a touch screen layout as well as keyboard. L-POS can even have different screens on different POS terminals in the same store. A check-out lane with traditional keyboard driven terminals can look and operate completely differently than the deli counter terminal configured on a touch screen terminal.

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Easy Order Creation
Structured Tendering
Management Controls
Inventory Control
Liquor Controls
Table Management
Reservations .

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